Monday, March 1, 2010

What Makes it Last?

  It was such a beautiful day here in Tucson.  The sun returned and it felt so good to be outdoors.  I just love my back yard-it makes me happy.
  I started looking around me, wondering what I could find to use in a piece of art?  We have several yuccas and I admit I don't care for them.  Today I REALLY looked at them and found interesting twigs, an almost burlap-like bark and fibers that resembled twine.  All from two yucca plants!  So I gathered a bit of each, plus some eucalyptus leaves from an old floral arrangement.
  Inside my studio I rummaged around and took out two real quail eggs that I saved from last year.  Attached to the dried out eggs were a few quail feathers.
  The paper background is something I painted awhile ago and the white frame came from my stash.  On the one hand I cringe thinking just how much stuff I have.  But I'm using my other hand to pat myself on my back because I used up stuff and some of it was absolutely free.
  The idea to make this piece was inspired by Vancouver artist, Kirsten Chursinoff.  She makes awesome art quilts and pieces inspired by nature.

  While making this I was listening to Stephen Bishop's "It Might be You".  It's "our song".  There's a line in it that says
  "Looking back as lovers go walking past...
  All of my life
 Wondering how they met and what makes it last...."

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