Monday, March 19, 2012

Juggling Journals

  I've never had so many journals going on at one time.  They are:

1.  my daily journal, which currently is in a Little Prince special edition moleskine.  I didn't like the thin, un-lined paper in it, so I tipped in lined papers of all kinds.  It's fat and gapes wide open.  It's my favorite journal of all so far.
2.  my calendar journal-a monthly journal in squared format.  I create the background and cut out squares for each day of the month.  It's turning out to be a quick, fun account of my monthly activity.
3.  my Smash book-I glue stuff that interests me in this one, such as articles about archaeology from the newspapers or magazines
4. my bird journal-quick drawings of birds,especially finches
5. my chameleon journal-drawings of chameleons.  I started this in memory of Peach
6. my bird clippings journal-bird ephemera I've collected and am finally putting in one book
7. a nature journal-real feathers, pods, seeds, etc. that I've collected from my back yard in Tucson

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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Shaking Things Up

  Monday I rearranged the chameleon/sun room.  Tuesday I re-did the area where I throw paint around and cut and paste paper.  Today I feel like redoing the area where I lose beads and drop needles on.  In order to do that, there will be some switching of furniture.
  How badly I want an area rearranged adds up to creating the biggest mess possible.

  I just finished this pencil, charcoal and Panpastel drawing.  I usually draw just using black.  I'm getting more comfortable using color in my drawings.  PanPastels has a lot to do with that ease and comfort.  It's like applying makeup to the subject being drawn.

"Little Friend"
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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Busy

  There are three sayings that I am fond of.  The first one is "No regrets."  The second is "It's a beautiful day", straight out of U2's tune.  And lastly there is "Action is the antidote to despair".
  I lost my first chameleon, Peaches, on Monday.  I've never been a person to get inside my head and myself when it comes to sadness or grief.  I have to do something.  And by doing something, that action often honors who or what I have lost.
  Yesterday I completely rearranged the sun room.  It used to be a place where all the exercise equipment was.  Then I convinced my husband, well, whined, that my chameleon cages and the 55 gallon aquarium would look GREAT in the sun room.  My husband graciously gave it up and helped me move cages and various paraphernalia into the room.
  I've rearranged the room twice now but it looks even better this second time.  I worked so hard at it that I slept like a rock last night.
  Then there's my studio.  I'm lucky to have a very large space that is dedicated to all the things I like to create with.  It has big windows all the way around it and is very sunny and inviting.  We had two "solatubes" installed, so the cave-like darkness is gone. I have a sewing area, a jewelry/bead area and a paper/journaling/paint area.
  This morning I swept my studio and arranged some storage carts.  I really like how it turned out.  I took some photos so I can remember what the table top looks like when it's not buried under various projects.
  It will probably revert back to an archaeologist's dream by tomorrow.

  My desk area.  Looking over me as I create is a very long wood staff with a raven's head carved at the end of it.  I got it at the gem show last year.  I painted the eyes red.  The staff is one of my favorite things since I respect all birds.

  Here is a photo of a make believe fish I beaded.  I think I'll probably attach it to a coral branch for decoration.

  I feel the tired good that comes from getting stuff done.  Now I'll probably work on something in my chameleon drawing journal. Pin It

Thursday, March 8, 2012


  When I was a kid, I wanted to be an archaeologist.  I love ancient things and mythology too.
  A vendor at the recent Tucson Gem, Mineral and Fossil show had some very interesting things for sale.  An old necklace caught my eye.
  The necklace was made of Roman glass, each bead individually formed.  I've always loved Roman glass and had never seen beads like those.
  So I bought it. The price was far below what I thought it would cost--a real deal.  I love the beads and the various colors.  This necklace is my favorite purchase from the gem show.
  I'm going to re-string it.  And yes, I'm going to wear it.

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The Quiet Times

I used to get in a tizzy when I felt like my creativity had gone on hiatus.  Now I realize that the quiet moments are very important-as important as the busy, "all over the place" times.  Everyone needs a nap or a vacation from all the buzz going on.  I especially treasure my quietude.
I call my journaling time "My Morning Spill".  I have my coffee and take my journal and let it go.  Sometimes my coffee accidentally "goes" on my journal pages, and that's all right too. Pin It

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Latest Jewelry Creations

When the Tucson Gem, Mineral and Bead Shows come to town, they always inspire me to get out some beads I've been hoarding and create with them!  That way I can make room for the next crop of beads that I know I just must have.

This necklace is made with some components from Susan Lenart Kazmer's "Industrial Chic" line.  There are also broken jewelry parts that I used and some things my art friends sent me.  My favorite things are the metal spinners that came from my late father's fishing tackle box.

I love creating with bits of things that might have ended up in a landfill somewhere.  They have a new life and story to tell when I use them in my jewelry. Pin It