Monday, March 19, 2012

Juggling Journals

  I've never had so many journals going on at one time.  They are:

1.  my daily journal, which currently is in a Little Prince special edition moleskine.  I didn't like the thin, un-lined paper in it, so I tipped in lined papers of all kinds.  It's fat and gapes wide open.  It's my favorite journal of all so far.
2.  my calendar journal-a monthly journal in squared format.  I create the background and cut out squares for each day of the month.  It's turning out to be a quick, fun account of my monthly activity.
3.  my Smash book-I glue stuff that interests me in this one, such as articles about archaeology from the newspapers or magazines
4. my bird journal-quick drawings of birds,especially finches
5. my chameleon journal-drawings of chameleons.  I started this in memory of Peach
6. my bird clippings journal-bird ephemera I've collected and am finally putting in one book
7. a nature journal-real feathers, pods, seeds, etc. that I've collected from my back yard in Tucson

  This is a spread in my Little Prince daily journal. Pin It

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