Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Busy

  There are three sayings that I am fond of.  The first one is "No regrets."  The second is "It's a beautiful day", straight out of U2's tune.  And lastly there is "Action is the antidote to despair".
  I lost my first chameleon, Peaches, on Monday.  I've never been a person to get inside my head and myself when it comes to sadness or grief.  I have to do something.  And by doing something, that action often honors who or what I have lost.
  Yesterday I completely rearranged the sun room.  It used to be a place where all the exercise equipment was.  Then I convinced my husband, well, whined, that my chameleon cages and the 55 gallon aquarium would look GREAT in the sun room.  My husband graciously gave it up and helped me move cages and various paraphernalia into the room.
  I've rearranged the room twice now but it looks even better this second time.  I worked so hard at it that I slept like a rock last night.
  Then there's my studio.  I'm lucky to have a very large space that is dedicated to all the things I like to create with.  It has big windows all the way around it and is very sunny and inviting.  We had two "solatubes" installed, so the cave-like darkness is gone. I have a sewing area, a jewelry/bead area and a paper/journaling/paint area.
  This morning I swept my studio and arranged some storage carts.  I really like how it turned out.  I took some photos so I can remember what the table top looks like when it's not buried under various projects.
  It will probably revert back to an archaeologist's dream by tomorrow.

  My desk area.  Looking over me as I create is a very long wood staff with a raven's head carved at the end of it.  I got it at the gem show last year.  I painted the eyes red.  The staff is one of my favorite things since I respect all birds.

  Here is a photo of a make believe fish I beaded.  I think I'll probably attach it to a coral branch for decoration.

  I feel the tired good that comes from getting stuff done.  Now I'll probably work on something in my chameleon drawing journal. Pin It

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