Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Letter Love 101

  When I was in high school I took a class in calligraphy.  It was a challenge but I ended up enjoying it.  I still admire beautiful handwriting and interesting fonts.
  Artist and author Kate Johnson encouraged me to share my art journal pages in her facebook group Artist's Journal Workshop.  I had my doubts that my journals belonged in that amazing group because my pages have more hand writing on them than sketches and drawings.  She assured me they belonged in the group because there are all kinds of ways to keep an art journal.
  I think it was the artist and avid journaler Danny Gregory that said in one of his books that "writing is drawing".  That phrase stuck with me.  I don't always have the time and patience to draw something.  But I'm always writing something.  (I thought of becoming a writer back in high school too.)  If I'm writing something, it doesn't take long for me to add a little flourish here or there.  Ta daaaah!  I'm writing and drawing-two things I immensely love, in my journal.
  Yesterday I saw that artist Joanne Sharpe has an on-line class called "Letter Love 101" where she teaches different forms of lettering.  During the class students will make three journals and fill them with their lessons.  I wondered how did I miss this?!
  The first lesson was to get a simple composition tablet and decorate the cover.  This was what I made this morning.  It's very simple because I don't usually make the cover for a journal first.  But I see that this has potential because as class goes on, I'll be writing on its cover.  After all, that's what I did to my tablets when I was in high school.

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