Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Filling the Void

  Four hours sleep last night means I've been dragging all day.
  Somehow I managed to put these pages together.  What's unusual is that I've used magazine images in my past two spreads.  I've NEVER done this before because I believe magazine images are someone else's vision.  Then there's the huge problem of copyright issues, should I ever have my journal published. (Not that anyone's been knocking at my door to do so.)   So I don't  want to get into the habit of making magazine images a major part of my journal pages.
  I couldn't help myself though.  Because I haven't been well, I've been taking it easy by reading my favorite magazine "Vanity Fair".  Recently VF has had ads that have really appealed to me, whether it's the composition or the color or the flat out BEAUTY of the clothes being shown.  Inspiration! Pin It

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