Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Finally Finishing a U.F.O.!

 I was going through my fabric stash when I came across an unfinished quilt top.  I never knew what to do with it either.  Sadly it languished in my fabric stash for at least 5 years!
 I also had a Dayrunner  organizer/folder that had seen better days.  But I didn't have the heart to throw it away.
  Then a *Lightbulb moment* came.  I glued some batting onto the folder to give it some padding.  Then I used a strong fabric glue to attach the quilted piece on top of that.  Then I glued some a fabric border around it.  Voila-a new journal I like and feels good to carry around.  Plus the scraps will make nice bookmarks too.
  It feels fantastic to finish a former "UFO"--an Unfinished Object".
  Even if the project had its beginning in another decade. Pin It

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