Thursday, December 24, 2009

Class is in Session

 It's Christmas Eve and I just got a wonderful present.  An on-line class that I am excited about and could possibly be the way I will journal from now on.  That's saying a lot.  I am addicted to journals of all kinds and I  may never buy another one again.

  What's so wonderful about this class is that it combines my loves of journaling, papers AND fabric and I use my beloved but lately neglected, sewing machine.  Even first time sewers are enjoying themselves because there's plenty of freedom and room for self expression.  Mistakes, in other words.  Techniques.

  (Think you can't sew?  If you can drive a car, you can learn to sew with a basic sewing machine-no Janome or Bernina necessary.  I'm using my heavier than a refrigerator, 20 year old Singer).  

  The class is called "Remains of the Day-A Shabby Journal of Scraps" and is taught by Mary Ann Moss.  The information is here on her website.

  Mary Ann has set up a website for her students, a yahoo group and a flickr group, all private and open to students only.   You get tons of videos, pdfs and other goodies-all for $60.00.    And the website for the class is going to be up until December of 2010.  

  I found out about "Remains of the Day-a Shappy Journal of Scraps"  from Teesha Moore's blog.  Teesha wrote that she's been trying to get Mary Ann to teach at Artfest and Journalfest.  If Teesha, someone who arguably invented "art journals" is so jazzed about Mary Ann's journals that Teesha's taking the class, well, I had to check it out.

 Well,  I'm IN and in a big way.  In love.  But I'm just a bit bothered that I'm out of town-several hours and lots of miles from my fabric and paper stashes.  And I don't have a sewing machine here.  Then there's  this festivity called "Christmas" happening and my participation is needed and my interest in it would be nice.  

  That hasn't stopped me from prowling around this house, looking for paper scraps and thinking of cutting up that bed sheet just so I can get started.  Yes, this class is THAT good.   Pin It


  1. ooooh you have me excited about sewing, and I hate to sew :) Thanks for the great info on this class. I will have to see if Santa brings me some class $$$ for Christmas!

  2. I have taken all of Mary Ann's classes on line this past year and loving all of them although this one is my favorite and it continues to rekindle my love of sewing and to help me use up all of my paper stash. It is so great to see you in the class Theresa.

  3. Oh my gosh.... I totally wanted to take that but just ran out of money. You MUST let me know how it is!! It looks like you can really sink your teeth into it.... gosh... I'm wayyyy jealous of you this Christmas! lolol :)

  4. HI Theresa!
    I'm just following some of the links on the flickr group for the class and you're the first one I stopped at. I just started a blog and I'm adding you to my blogroll. Can't wait to see all that you do with the shaby scraps journal!
    Kim (in Albania)