Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec. 2nd-Glass Lovebirds Ornament

My sister, Barb, gave me this glass ornament three years ago for our ornament exchange. She got it because I love birds, wild or domestic. I used to raise cockatiels, lovebirds and small conures for pet stores and individual buyers when we lived in Albuquerque. One part of our garage was lined with cages and was heated or cooled as necessary. I was known for the raising the sweetest lovebirds who never bit you and liked to be carried around, even in your pocket. They were a lot of work though. I'd take the chicks from the parents before their eyes were open so they'd imprint on me as their mother. I'd make a daily formula just for handraising baby birds and it didn't smell very pleasant. It had to be just the right temperature so as to not burn the babies' gullets. Then I'd put it in plastic syringes and insert it carefully into their beaks. As they got older they'd have to have fresh vegetables and fruit every day, so I was chopping those up constantly. The birds ate healthier than we did.
You never knew when the babies decided they'd like to fly so I had to be careful not to have the overhead fan going. Raising birds was much more work than having my four chihuahuas. The dogs have never made as much a mess as 16 pairs of small birds did.
I don't miss raising birds.
But if we ever settle down anywhere longer than a few years I wouldn't mind having a cacatele.
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    1. What a sweet ornament. I loved reading about your raising birds. What a lot of work!

    2. Oh goodness it was! Baby birds are homely but adorable when their feathers come in. Demanding critters-all mouths!